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BATHURST - WM                 : AUSTRALIA    trad
   War Memorial Carillon Tower
CANBERRA - A                  : AUSTRALIA    trad
   The National Carillon
   Aspen Island
   Lake Burley Griffin
COLLIE                        : AUSTRALIA    tubular
   All Saints Church (Anglican)
COQUIMBO                      : CHILE        peal
   Cruz del Tercer Milenio
AUCKLAND - STM                : NEW ZEALAND  ring
   Church of St.Matthew-in-the-City
HUNTSVILLE                    : USA - AL     trad
   First Baptist Church
STANFORD                      : USA - CA     trad
   Hoover Institute Carillon
   Hoover Tower
   Stanford University
NEW BRITAIN - FCC             : USA - CT     trad
   The Philip B. Stanley Carillon
   Robert S. Buol Tower
   First Church of Christ, Congregational
NEW CANAAN                    : USA - CT     trad
   The Dana-Barton Carillon
   St.Mark's Episcopal Church
STAMFORD - FPC                : USA - CT     trad
   Walter N. Maguire Memorial Carillon
   Maguire Memorial Tower
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
   Memorial Tower
   The Grosse Pointe Memorial Church
ALBANY - CH                   : USA - NY     trad
   City Hall
GREENWOOD - CSMBC             : USA - SC     trad
   Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church
ARLINGTON                     : USA - VA     trad
   Netherlands Carillon
   Netherlands Carillon Gardens
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