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PRAHA - L                     : CZECH REP.   trad
   Loreto Cloister Museum Tower
ERFURT                        : GERMANY-DDR  trad
JERUSALEM - YMCA              : ISRAEL       trad
   Jesus Tower, YMCA
LIKOMA ISLAND                 : MALAWI       chime
   St.Peter's Cathedral
ALKMAAR - STL                 : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Sintlaurenstoren (N.H.Grote Kerk)
BRIELLE                       : NETHERLANDS  trad
EINDHOVEN - S                 : NETHERLANDS  trad
LEEUWARDEN - S                : NETHERLANDS  trad
LEIDEN - S                    : NETHERLANDS  trad
PURMEREND                     : NETHERLANDS  non-trad
ROTTERDAM - STL               : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Sint Laurenstoren
   N.H.Kerk (Groote Kerk)
TIMARU                        : NEW ZEALAND  chime
   Sacred Heart Basilica Church
CILAOS                        : REUNION IS.  trad
   Église Notre Dame des Neiges
GENEVA - STP/2                : SWITZERLAND  quasi-trad
   Central spire (fléche)
   Cathédrale St.Pierre
ZURICH - BK                   : SWITZERLAND  non-trad
   Bijouterie Kurz
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