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CANBERRA - A                  : AUSTRALIA    trad
   The National Carillon
   Aspen Island
   Lake Burley Griffin
HILLEROD                      : DENMARK - S  trad
   Slot (Royal Castle)
KOBENHAVN - H                 : DENMARK - S  trad
   Helligåndskirken (Holy Spirit Church)
ODENSE                        : DENMARK - F  trad
   Sct.Knuds Domkirke
   (Saint Canute's Cathedral)
SVENDBORG                     : DENMARK - F  trad
   Vor Frue Kirke (Our Lady Church)
AVESNES-SUR-HELPE             : FRANCE - 59  trad
   Collégiale St.Nicolas
CARCASSONNE - STV             : FRANCE - 11  trad
   Église Saint-Vincent
LE MAS RILLIER                : FRANCE - 01  trad
   Carillon du Mas Rillier
   (Sanctuaire Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur)
MAUBEUGE                      : FRANCE - 59  trad
   Église Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul
SAINT-QUENTIN                 : FRANCE - 02  trad
   Hôtel de Ville
SECLIN                        : FRANCE - 59  trad
   Collégiale Saint-Piat
   Alte Nicolai-kirche
GOES - MM                     : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Groote Kerk Maria Magdalena
HILVARENBEEK                  : NETHERLANDS  trad
   R.K.Kerk St.Petrus-Banden
   (St. Peter in Chains)
MIDDELBURG                    : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Abdijtoren - "Lange Jan"
GDANSK - K                    : POLAND       trad
   Sw.Katarzyna (St.Catharine's Church)
PERTH                         : SCOTLAND-PR  trad
   St.John's Kirk
   (St.John the Baptist Church)
AMHERST - UM                  : USA - MA     trad
   Warren Elmer Hinds Memorial Chime
   Henry Vincent Couper Memorial Carillon
   Old Chapel
   University of Massachusetts
ANN ARBOR - UM/1              : USA - MI     trad
   Charles Baird Carillon
   Marion Leroy Burton Memorial Tower
   Main Campus
   University of Michigan
MCDONOGH                      : USA - MD     trad
   The McDonogh Carillon
   Tagart Memorial Chapel
   McDonogh School
ALBANY - CH                   : USA - NY     trad
   City Hall
PRINCETON - PU                : USA - NJ     trad
   The Class of 1892 Bells
   Grover Cleveland Tower
   Graduate College
   Princeton University
GLENDALE - CT                 : USA - OH     trad
   Chapel Tower
   Convent of the Transfiguration
CHARLESTON - C                : USA - SC     trad
   The Thomas Dry Howie Carillon
   The Thomas Dry Howie Tower
   The Citadel  (Military College)
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