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SYDNEY - U                    : AUSTRALIA    trad
   Main Building
   University of Sydney
VICTORIA - MUC                : CANADA - BC  chime
   The Jessop Bells
   (in storage)
COPENHAGEN - STA              : DENMARK      tubular
   St.Alban's Anglican Church
BERN - M                      : SWITZERLAND  peal/great(2)
(UNKNOWN)                     : TRINIDAD     chime *RENAMED*
   Catholic Church
PORT OF SPAIN - HT            : TRINIDAD     chime
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity
WASHINGTON - SBS              : USA - DC     tubular
   Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament
SPRINGFIELD -  TR             : USA - IL     trad
   Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
   Washington Park
RICHMOND                      : USA - KY     non-trad
   Memorial Bell Tower
   Miller Hall
   Eastern Kentucky University
LOWELL - STA                  : USA - MA     chime
   St.Anne's Episcopal Church
NORTH ADAMS - STJ             : USA - MA     tubular
   All Saints Episcopal Church
   (was St.John's Episcopal Church)
SPRINGFIELD -- CT             : USA - MA     chime
   Clock Tower
MINNEAPOLIS - SMP             : USA - MN     tubular *NEW*
   Tower of Memories
   Sunset Memorial Park
MOUNT VERNON                  : USA - NY     tubular
   The Bible Church of Christ
   (was First United Methodist Church)
NEWBURGH                      : USA - NY     tubular
   First United Methodist Church
   (was Trinity Methodist Episcopal Ch)
SCHENECTADY - STJ             : USA - NY     tubular
   St.John the Evangelist Catholic Church
WATERVLIET                    : USA - NY     chimola *RELOCATED*
   Watervliet Historical Society
PIQUA                         : USA - OH     tubular
   Greene Street United Methodist Church
OKLAHOMA CITY - STL           : USA - OK     trad
   Vernon V. Harris Memorial Carillon
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church
MONONGAHELA                   : USA - PA     chime
   First United Methodist Church
PHILADELPHIA - CSTM           : USA - PA     chime
   Christ Church & St.Michael's (Episcopal)
HUNTSVILLE                    : USA - TX     tubular
   First United Methodist Church
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