Zvons in North America:
index by city name

Chime-sized tower bell installations in this region intended to be rung as a zvon are as follows:

ANCHORAGE                     : USA - AK   
   St.Innocent Russian Orthodox Cathedral
CAMBRIDGE - HU                : USA - MA    
   Lowell House 
   Harvard University 
JORDANVILLE - 1               : USA - NY    
   Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery (ROCOR) 
JORDANVILLE - 2               : USA - NY    
   Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery (ROCOR) 
NANUET                        : USA - NY   
   Novo-Diveevo Russian Orthodox Convent
NYACK                         : USA - NY    
   Holy Virgin Protection Church (Russian Orthodox - ROCOR) 
SAN ANSELMO - STN             : USA - CA   
   St.Nicholas Orthodox Church (OCA) 
SAN FRANCISCO - HT            : USA - CA   
   Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral
SITKA                         : USA - AK    
   St.Michael the Archangel Orthodox Cathedral (OCA) 
WATERBURY - STM               : USA - CT    
   St.Mary's Orthodox Church (OCA) 
     (Holy Virgin Church) 
WAYMART                       : USA - PA   
   Millenium Belltower
   The Monastery of St.Tikhon of Zadonsk (Orthodox)

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